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  • CherryMax® - A high stem retention lock spindle blind rivet available in 1/8" through 1/4" diameters. Available in both nominal (NAS1400) and oversize (NAS1740) diameters.

  • CherryMax® 'A' - A flush fracturing, shank expansion blind rivet which conforms to the NAS1398AB/NAS1399AB standards.

  • CherryMax® All Aluminum - All aluminum blind rivet with the "Safe Lock" Locking Collar which enhances reliability.

  • Cherry SST™ - A non-magnetic stem, Superior Sheet Take-Up blind rivet.

  • InterMax™ - A structural fastener providing lower installed weights but maintaining the same features of the CherryMax blind rivet.

  • CherryLock® - A locked spindle and flush fracturing structural blind fastener available in a bulbed rivet conforming to the NAS1738/1739 code standards or a wiredraw rivet conforming to the NAS1398/1399 code standards.

  • CherryLock® 'A' - A "non-shift" self-plugging blind fastener providing excellent sheet take-up and hole-fill abilities while conforming to the NAS1398/1399 code standards.

  • CCR / SPR Nut-Plate Rivets - Blind rivets available in 3/32" and 1/8"diameters for installing nut-plates. The rivets are available in pull-through or self-plugging, steel or CRES.

  • Cherry MS Rivets - A self-plugging or pull-through blind fastener still widely used under the MS20600/01/04/05 part numbers.

Blind Bolts

  • MaxiBolts® - A blind bolt available in alloy steel and A-286CRES conforming the the MS90353/90354, and MS21140/MS21141 standards.

  • Oversized MaxiBolts® - A oversized blind bolt fastener available in materials of alloy steel and A286CRES.

  • Titanium MaxiBolts® - A new addition to the Cherry MaxiBolt™ family of blind bolts. These fasteners provide a flush, burr-free installation for metallic and composite blind fastener requirements.

Solid Rivets

  • CherryBucks - A bi-metal one piece fastener with a 95Ksi shear 6AI-4V titanium shank with a ductile Ti/Cb tail which allows weight savings over two-piece fasteners. Fast and simple installation.

  • Cherry E-Z Bucks - A 50Ksi ductile Ti/Cb titanium one piece solid fastener. Excellent for fatigue critical applications.

  • Cherry Hollow End E-Z Bucks - A 40Ksi shear Ti/Cb one piece solid fastener designed specifically for double-flush applications.

  • MS20470( )-( ) & MS20426( )-( ) - Solid Aluminum Fasteners.
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